Dating ductile to brittle deformation zones

Camilla Wilkinson

Per Terje Osmundsen, Tim Redfield, Morgan Ganerød, Deta Gasser

The project aims to provide a consistent temporal and spatial framework for Late- and post-Caledonian deformation in Mid Norway. We will construct a structural section that connects the remnants of the Caledonides along the Swedish border (the Røragen/Meråker detachment fault system), with structures that were active during the formation of the North Atlantic margin (the Møre-Trondelag Fault Complex (MTFC) on Hitra-Frøya, for example the Persvik Fault). The main task of this project is to apply 40Ar/39Ar geochronological techniques to a variety of fault rocks and fault products, including fault gouge. This project is funded by NGU (2014 – 2016).