Geodynamics is dead, long live Bedrock-Geology-and-Geodynamics*

10 January 2017

The Geodynamics and Bedrock Geology teams have now been merged! You can find out more about the new team here.

We are investigating several options for a web-presence for the new team; until a new solution is in place, this site will remain live so that publications and other resources are still available.

* provisional name; suggestions for a new team name can be submitted to; the winning entry will receive a year's free subscription to Geodynamics Annual Reports

The last month of Geodynamics

5 December 2016

Following the governmental financial cuts at NGU and the ensuing reorganisation, we will be merging with NGUs bedrock team per 1st of January 2017. Stay tuned for news on our team and the exciting projects of the new team!

Ludovic has joined the team!

29th April 2016

The geodynamics team welcomes Ludovic Jeanniot to NGU!

Ludovic has begun a one-year postdoc position funded by NRC and will be working with Susanne on transtentional rifts. Ludovic, originally from France, completed his PhD at the University of Liverpool.

EGU 2016

5th April 2016


The Geodynamics team will be well represented at the forthcoming EGU meeting in Vienna (17-22 April). The team are involved in the following 9 contributions:

  • Discussion on final rifting evolution and breakup : insights from the Mid Norwegian - North East Greenland rifted system Gwenn Peron-Pinvidic and Per Terje Osmundsen, EGU2016-1381
  • What is reactivated when at rifted margins? comparing the Northwest Svalbard and Møre segments of the NE Atlantic margin. Per Terje Osmundsen, Alvar Braathen, Thomas F. Redfield, Gwenn Peron-Pinvidic, and Harmon Maher, EGU2016-15306
  • A discussion of numerical subduction initiation Susanne Buiter and Susan Ellis, EGU2016-4791
  • Non-robust numerical simulations of analogue extension experiments John Naliboff and Susanne Buiter, EGU2016-11205
  • Arc-continent collision in numerical models Joya Tetreault and Susanne Buiter, EGU2016-9753
  • Structural development of the Jan Mayen microcontinent (JMMC): An update of its role during the rift transition from the Ægir Ridge to the Kolbeinsey Ridge, and effects on the formation of the Greenland-Iceland-Faroe ridge complex. Anett Blischke, Carmen Gaina, John R. Hopper, Gwenn Peron-Pinvidic, Bryndis Brandsdóttir, Pierpaolo Guarnieri, and Ögmundur Erlendsson, EGU2016-16466
  • Fault-growth deposit in a Carboniferous rift-basin: the Billefjorden Trough, Svalbard Jean-Baptiste Koehl, Jan Tveranger, Per Terje Osmundsen, Alvar Braathen, Christopher Taule, and Maxime Collombin, EGU2016-7131
  • Tectonic evolution and paleogeography of the Kırşehir Block and the Central Anatolian Ophiolites, Turkey Douwe J. J. van Hinsbergen, Marco Maffione, Alexis Plunder, Nuretdin Kaymakci, Morgan Ganerød, Bart Hendriks, Fernando Corfu, Derya Gürer, Giovanni de Gelder, Kalijn Peters, Peter McPhee, Fraukje Brouwer, Eldert Advokaat, and Reinoud Vissers, EGU2016-9231
  • Deciphering the brittle evolution of SW Norway through a combined structural, mineralogical and geochronological approach Thomas Scheiber, Giulio Viola, Ola Fredin, Horst Zwingmann, Camilla Maya Wilkinson, and Morgan Ganerød, EGU2016-11815

Geologists of tomorrow...

24th February 2016

Millie and Morgan went back to the classroom last week when they visited Birralee International School in Trondheim. The school's 7th year pupils were treated to a lesson about "The Rock Cycle", and had the opportunity to examine rock samples, carry out experiments, and to hear what it's like to work as a geologist.


Geodynamics at the Nordic Geological Winter Meeting

22nd January 2016

Susanne was in Helsinki last week representing the Geodynamics team at the 32nd Nordic Geological Winter Meeting where she presented the following two contributions:

  • Buiter, S., Naliboff, J., Tetreault, J., 2016. How to form hyperextended margins (Keynote)
  • Redfield, T., P.T. Osmundsen, Buiter, S., 2016. "For the mountains may be removed and the hills may shake..."

Geodynamics at AGU

19th December 2015

John and Susanne represented the Geodynamics team at last week's AGU meeting in San Francisco. John presented an invited lecture on The effects of extensional inheritance on transtensional deformation patterns and Susanne presented on How mountains become rifts.

  • Naliboff, J., Buiter, S., Le Pourhiet, L., May, D., 2015. The effects of extensional inheritance on transtensional deformation patterns, invited lecture, AGU Fall Meeting, 14-18 December, San Francisco, USA.
  • Buiter, S., Tetreault, J., 2015. How mountains become rifts, AGU Fall Meeting, 14-18 December, San Francisco, USA.


GPlates workshop

9th November 2015

Trond Torsvik (CEED/NGU) and Grace Shephard (CEED) visited NGU last week to run a GPlates workshop. 12 participants from 6 NGU teams took part in the two-day introduction to the plate-tectonic modelling software. The participants are pictured below along with Trond (second from right) and Grace (centre). Picture by Magne Bjørkoy.

GPlates participants

Geodynamics team trip - Fosen Peninsula

24th September 2015

The Geodynamics team travelled to the Fosen Peninsula last week to look at sites associated with the Møre Trøndelag Fault Complex (MTFC) and the Høybakken Detachment. Per Terje and Tim were our able guides for the two-day excursion.

Day 1 was spent looking at outcrops of the Høybakken Detachment, which was active during the orogenic 'collapse' of the Scandinavian Caledonides during the Devonian Period.

On day 2 the team hired a small boat and visited the islet of Skjellholmen, situated in the footwall of the northern continuation of the Høybakken Detachment. The brittle detachment is not exposed there, but highly deformable rocks, including carbonates and granitic dykes, presented a multitude of structures that describe the kinematics of the detachment. Differential weathering of carbonates vs granitic dykes has led to some very nice 3D exposures of the deformed rocks, giving insights into the rheological conditions during deformation.

Geodynamics publications

18th September 2015

Check out some recent publications of the Geodynamics team - including Tim and Per Terje's article on Fennoscandian earthquakes and John and Susanne's article on rifting during multiphase extension - on our publications page.

St Olavsloppet 2015

3rd July 2015

Continuing their fine tradition of coming somewhere near-last in long distance running competitions, the Geodynamics team were out in force again at this year's St Olavsloppet, with 4 geodynamicists participating in NGU's 38-strong team. Millie, Susanne, Morgan and Robin all took part in the 339 km race between Trondheim and Östersund, with Mille and Morgan running 2 legs each. The NGU team finished a respectable and tradition-upholding 110th place in their class. Pictured below is Morgan receving his medal from NGU's St-Olavsloppet-guru Ola Eggen in a warm and sunny Östersund. Thanks to Alexandra Jarna for the picture.


Dude - where's my snowmobile?

7th May 2015

Tim received a pleasant surprise from abroad the other day when former NGU-ers Jörg and Melanie sent greetings from Germany. The pair, now resident in Kiel, have lately been missing the company of our American colleague, but have fortunately managed to find something of a replacement.

In a moving ceremony yesterday, Per Terje handed over a framed picture of Jörg and Melanie either side of the ersatz Tim. The couple did not reveal if their new Tim was as adept at story-telling as the genuine article.

Dude Per Terje and Tim in specially-commissioned ceremonial T-shirts.

Ersatz Jörg and Melanie either side of their new-found friend.

Geodynamics at the EGU

17th April 2015


Four members of the Geodynamics team are attending, and presenting at, the EGU annual meeting in Vienna this week. Susanne has been particularly busy as president of the Tectonics and Structural Division, and has been blogging about her experiences there for NGU's internal web pages. Two centuries have passed since Sir James Hall experimented with the first analogue models (below), and on Tuesday the EGU marked this with the symposium "Celebrating 200 years of modelling of geological processes".

Hall's model From Hall, J. (1815) On the vertical position and convolutions of certain strata, and their relations with granite.
Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (7) 79-108.

Here's Susanne's account of the day (in Norwegian):

Analog modell

For 200 år siden presset Sir James Hall sammen klut og leire i esker, og gav dermed en forklaring på dannelse av folder på østkysten av Skottland. Han var den første geologen s om brukte analoge modeller som et verktøy for å forstå geologiske prosesser, og hans arbeid var starten på modelleringsfagfeltet i geovitenskapen. For å markere 200 år med modellering ledet jeg Union Symposium US2 ”Celebrating 200 years of modelling of geological processes” på tirsdag formiddag sammen med fem co-convenere fra forskjellige divisjoner.

Felles symposium

Et felles symposium er ment til å være av interesse for hele bredden av EGU og det er en ære å få organisere en. Vårt symposium hadde seks keynoteforedrag som markerte de mange prestasjoner i numerisk og analog modellering siden Halls banebrytende artikkel fra 1815.

Hvert år tildeles Stephan Mueller Medaljen i divisjonen om Tektonikk og Strukturgeologi (TS). Dette er muligheten vi har for å hedre en fremragende forsker. Nominasjoner vurderes av en komité av fire tidligere vinnere, ledet av den tidligere TS-presidenten (så når jeg overtar denne rollen betyr det at jeg fortsatt skal være aktiv for EGU til og med 2021….). Neste deadline for nominasjon er 15 juni!

I år var det en modellerer som fikk Stephan Mueller-medaljen: Evgene Burov fra Pierre and Marie Curie University i Paris. Det passet kjempefint med feiringen av 200 år med modellering. Jeg hadde den ære å lede medaljeseremonien og overrekke medaljen (bildet til høyre). Evgenes foredrag var med cirka 350 tilhørere meget godt besøkt.


På kveldstid etter postersesjoner - altså etter kl. 19 - hadde vi en nyhet i år i form av en nettverk event organisert av to unge forskere og meg på vegne av EGUs formidlingskomite: ”Reception of past EGU medallists with young scientists”. Ideen var å gi muligheter til ”across generation networking” for både unge og gamle. Det var morsomt og noe vi sikkert skal gjenta neste år.

Og enda senere var det divisjonmiddag for å feire Stephan Mueller-medaljen og Outstanding Student Poster awardvinneren fra 2014. For meg er middagen også en mulighet for å takke alle i TS-komiteene for alt frivillig arbeid de gjør for divisjonen!

Continental crust under Iceland - Trond in the PNAS

7th April 2015


In a new article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Trond Torsvik and co-workers suggest that a continental sliver of the Jan Mayen Microcontinent is located under south-east Iceland. The study provides insights into the evolution of the northeast Atlantic and on the interaction of plumes with continental breakup.

The paper is available from PNAS, and a summary by co-author Reidar Trønnes can be found on

GPlates 1.5

16th February 2015


Your favourite plate-reconstruction software just got an update...check out GPlates 1.5! The update includes project files and a new kinematics tool, and the release will be closely followed by a preview of a Hellinger tool for determining best-fitting rotation poles.

White men CAN jump

30th January 2015


Our very own John was part of the winning team at NGU's 2015 New Year basketball tournament last week. As John himself (far too modestly I'm sure) puts it: My teammates overcame my tendencies toward over dribbling, poor shooting, lazy defense and general on court apathy to carry us to the NGU 2015 New Year basketball gold medal. I am likely banned from further competition. Congratulations John!

NGF Winter meeting

15th January 2015

Per Terje and Susanne represented the team at the NGF Vinterkonferansen this week in Stavanger. The geodynamics team were involved with the following presentations:

  • Osmundsen, P.T. and Redfield, T.F.: From footwall uplift to freeze and thaw: the influence of rift structure on unconformities and relict landscapes at the Norwegian rifted margin
  • Buiter, S.: The impact of sedimentation on syn-rift passive margin architecture
  • Corfu, F., Larsen, B.T., Ganerød, M.: Geochronology of Krogskogen romb-porphyry lavas by U-Pb and Ar-Ar and relations to Oslo Rift chronology
  • Braathen, A., Mulrooney, M., Ogata, K., Anell, I.M., Smyrak-Sikora, A., Lecomte, I., Osmundsen, P.T., Maher Jr. H.: Trias North: Late Triassic shallow faulting in Edgeøya, Svalbard: structural style, deformation mechanisms and seismic expression
  • Anell, I., Braathen, A., Midtkanal, I., Smyrak-Sikora, A., Husteli, B., Ogata, K.,Osmundsen, P.T.: Tracking the Triassic platform-edge: Inferences on clinoform geometries upon reaching the Edgeøya platform

Dr Matthieu!

8th December 2014


Our former colleague Matthieu Quinquis succesfully defended his doctoral thesis last Thursday at Charles University, Prague. Matthieu's thesis concerned "A numerical study of subduction zone dynamics using linear viscous to thermo-mechanical model setups including (de)hydration processes." Matthieu was based at NGU during his studies, with Susanne as his main supervisor. Pictured above are Matthieu and Susanne together with supervisor Ondrej Cadek and other members of the examination committee. Congraulations Matthieu!

Susanne at the EGU

2nd December 2014


Susanne has been re-elected as president of the Tectonics and Structural Geology Divison of the EGU, and her new term will run from April 2015 to April 2017. Congratulations Susanne!


26th September 2014

A volcano yesterday
Morgan and Joya were two of several NGU-ers demonstrating at Klodens kamp, part of last week's Forskningstorget. At the NGU and Vitensenteret stand, kids and adults alike were able to experience mountain building in a sandbox, a plate tectonic jigsaw puzzle, and an erupting volcano!

In addition to Morgan and Joya, many of the Geodynamics team worked together in the planning and preparation of the exhibits, with help from NGU's Communications team and staff from the Vitensenteret.

Thermochronology in the shadow of Mont Blanc: Thermo Conference 2014

21st September 2014 by guest editor Millie

The 14th International Conference on Thermochronology, attended by Millie and Morgan, was held this year in Chamonix, France, below the magnificent Mont-Blanc massif. The conference kicked off with a 3 day pre-conference fieldtrip, which began in Grenoble, and followed a transect through the western (French-Italian) Alps, before ending in Chamonix (...just in time for registration!).

A glacier yesterday
Millie and Morgan presented their posters entitled "Unraveling deformation events associated with the Svecofennian Orogeny on Ringvassøy, Northern Norway: New 40Ar/39Ar ages and discussion", and "The 61Ma Tardree Rhyolite (Northern Ireland) as a new neutron monitor standard: a discussion" in the session: Data, Models and Interpretation.

In addition to presenting work currently being carried out at the NGU, many interesting talks and discussions were also attended, and sessions covered everything from 'new analytical developments in thermochronology', and 'noble-gas diffusion (He, Ne, Ar) applied to thermochronology' to 'thermochronology in active orogenic belts', and 'landscape evolution on different timescales'.

Mont blanc yesterday
But of course it wasn’t all work, and the half way point was marked by a trip to visit the Mont-Blanc massif. The first step involved reaching Aiguille du Midi (3842 m elevation), via cable car, where the reward included spectacular views of the Mont-Blanc massif. This was followed by a short decent to the intermediate station at Plan de l’Aiguille (2317 m), where the Mont-Blanc shear zone could be observed. The day was rounded off by a hike back down to Montenvers (1913 m), before taking the the Montenvers pignon-rack railway back to Chamonix.

Don't do it Millie
The 15th International Conference on Thermochronology will be held in Brazil in 2016 – so we have plenty of time to plan for that one!

Susanne on Plumes

15th September 2014

Susanne featured in a recent edition of Nature, providing the "News and Views" article on the role of plumes in the break-up of continental plates. Check out the article (if you have access...) here.

Iris has joined the team!

1st August 2014

The geodynamics team welcomes Iris van Zelst to NGU! Iris is spending some time with us this summer, and she introduces herself here:

I am doing my masters in geophysics at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. I am mainly interested in the 'big' processes on Earth, such as plate tectonics, core and mantle convection, and earthquakes. That being said, I am in Norway to study a more theoretical part of the Earth Sciences: as a tool to study the bigger processes on Earth, I use numerical models, and I am here in Norway to figure out what the effect is of the so-called weak seed that is placed in the model to initiate and localize deformation. I am in Norway for 5 weeks, after which I will present the results obtained here at the GeoMod conference in Germany. I will mainly work with Susanne and John.
I like travelling and seeing loads of new places. Other hobbies of mine include reading classic British literature, watching good movies and going to the theatre.

St Olavsloppet

30th June 2014

Morgan runs
What a fit and healthy bunch we are here in Geodynamics. No fewer than 4 of the team took part in last week's gruelling St Olavsloppet, which this year ran in the direction Trondheim to Ôstersund. On Wednesday Joya ran the 7.2 km leg from Ranheim to Malvik and Susanne ran 8.1 km from Steinvikholmen to Fættenfjord (before jumping on a plane to attend Reza's defence - see below). Over on the Swedish side of the border, Morgan ran the 7.7 km leg from Saxån to Moan on Friday, and Camilla took the 5.4 km stretch from Västerkälen to Krokom. The ever-enthusiastic Morgan did a second stint by running the penultimate leg on Saturday from Ås to Byskogen. NGU's 41-strong team completed the 341 km race in 110th place in the open class category. Well done everyone!

Dr. Reza!

29th June 2014

Dr. Reza
Our former colleague Reza Ghazian successfully defended his doctoral thesis last Thursday at the University of Oslo. Reza's thesis addressed Numerical modelling of continental collision with an application to the Zagros fold-and-thrust belt, and Susanne was Reza's PhD supervisor. Reza is pictured above celebrating with the adjudication committee.

Tim on the telly

24th June 2014

Tim does some moonlighting with the skred team from time to time, and last week they got themselves on the TV while investigating landslide risk in Rogaland. Check out the report here.

Transtensional Margins Workshop

16th June 2014

Several of the Geodynamics team took part recently in a workshop on transtensional margins held in Southwestern Norway, and organised by Susanne. Below are field guides Torgeir Andersen and Per Terje imparting their knowledge with the help of a map of the Kvamshesten devonian basin; underneath we see Per Terje, Susanne and John studying shear indicators.


Arise, Dr. Millie

11th June 2014


Our very own Millie was back at her alma mater recently to attend her PhD graduation ceremony. Millie completed her Doctorate at the Open University last year, with a thesis entitled "Understanding extraneous argon in silicic volcanic products using 40Ar/39Ar geochronology". The graduation ceremony took place at Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire. Congratulations Millie!

GPlates in ocean mining

25th April 2014


NGU are currently hosting a workhop on Ocean Mining, and Susanne and Robin demonstrated GPlates to attendees yesterday evening.

Oh Vienna

24th April 2014


The geodynamics team will be out in force at the EGU in Vienna next week with 5 team members involved in the following talks and posters:

  • Buiter, S., 2014. A discussion of margin width in numerical models of rifted passive margins
  • Naliboff, J., S. Buiter, 2014. Evolution of lithospheric deformation during multi-phase extension
  • Osmundsen, P.T., G. Péron-Pinvidic, J. Ebbing, D. Erratt, 2014. Deep structure of hyperextended basins offshore Norway
  • Péron-Pinvidic, G., P.T. Osmundsen, J. Ebbing, D. Erratt, 2014. New observations and interpretations of the Rån Ridge at the mid-Norwegian rifted margin
  • Redfield, T., P.T. Osmundsen, 2014. Post-breakup topographic rejuvenation of passive margins is directly related to the architecture of hyperextension
  • Tetreault, J., S. Buiter, 2014. Numerical experiments on the influence of melt and serpentinization on passive margin structure
  • Lundin, E., Redfield, T., G. Péron-Pinvidic, 2014. Rifted continental margins: geometric control on crustal architecture and melting

Geodynamics team members will also be convening the following sessions:
  • Rifts and rifted margins: The sedimentary, volcanic and crustal architecture. Conveners: Gwenn Peron-Pinvidic, Susanne Buiter, Timothy Reston, Nick Kusznir, Nicolas Bellahsen, Jean Braun
  • Open session on Tectonics and Structural Geology (Poster only). Convener: Susanne Buiter
  • Stephan Mueller Medal Lecture by Claudio Faccenna. Convener: Susanne Buiter

GPlates 1.4

18th April 2014


Your favourite open-source plate modelling software tool has just been updated: check out the goodies in GPlates 1.4.

Susanne in the news

31st March 2014

Susanne and Trond's new paper on the role of mantle plumes in continental break-up has caught the eye of journalists and is featured in a news article at You can also check out the interview with Susanne at NGU's website!

Update: And now you can read an English version at Science Nordic.

Tim at the NGF

12th February 2014

Our very own Tim will be speaking at tonight's NGF meeting. Tim will be talking about “The long-term topographic response of a continent adjacent to an hyperextended margin: a case study from Scandinavia”. The meeting is in the Geologibygg, Gløshaugen, and begins at 7pm.

Adeline has joined the team!

4th February 2014

The geodynamics team welcomes Erasmus student Adeline Dutrieux to NGU! Adeline is studying geological sciences at the University of Liège in Belgium, and will be working in the Ar-Ar lab with Morgan and Millie for the next 3 months.

adeline-main adeline-scuba

She is currently working on her Masters thesis, which focusses on applying the Ar-Ar technique to samples of Quaternary basaltic and andesitic lavas. These lavas come from three volcanoes (Osorno, La Picada and Calcubo) in the Southern Volcanic Zone of the Andean Cordillera in Chile. One of her main aims is to see if the Ar-Ar procedure can be improved, specifically when applying the technique to young samples that have low potassium content.

During her stay she will be learning aspects of the Ar-Ar technique, and hopes to be able to travel around Norway in her spare time. She enjoys the outdoors, and in particular scuba diving!

Carmen's 50th

3rd February 2014

Our former geodynamics team leader Carmen Gaina - now at CEED - celebrated a half-century recently, and the occasion was marked last week by the seminar Oceans and Marine Geophysics - 50 years with Carmen Gaina at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters in Oslo. Gwenn and Trond gave presentations, and Susanne and Robin also attended.

Uplifted in Corinth!

10th October 2013


The Geodynamics team visited Greece last month on a team-building and fieldwork trip. The Gulf of Corinth is an ideal area for observing and studying extensional structures, and with the help of expert guides from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the team saw at close hand examples of normal faults, marine terraces, and rift sediments. In addition to field trips, the team took the opportunity to plan future projects, and to visit cultural sites such as Ancient Corinth and Delphi!


27th September 2013

Robin attended last months Nordic Seminar on Radiological Emergency Exercises and presented NGU's experiences from last year's REFOX exercise.

Lucky 13

11th September 2013

Joya, John and Susanne attended the 13th International Workshop on Modelling of Mantle and Lithosphere Dynamics in Hønefoss. Susanne was also one of the organisers.

John has joined the team!

29th July 2013

We welcome our new colleague John Naliboff to NGU! John will be working on transtensional margins with Susanne.

Gwenn has joined the team!

24th June 2013

Gwenn Peron-Pinvidic has joined the Geodynamics team.

Millie has joined the team!

17th June 2013

The Geodynamics team welcomes our new colleague Camilla Wilkinson to NGU! Millie will be working in the Argon lab with Morgan.

GPlates 1.3

10th June 2013

GPlates 1.3 has been released. Visit for more information and for download links.

European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2013

20th April 2013

The Geodynamics team were represented strongly at last weeks EGU meeting. Five of the team attended, presenting 4 talks and 3 posters.

Tectonics and Structural Geology Division president

8th April 2013

Susanne is the new president of the Tectonics and Structural Geology Division of EGU. Her term is for two years.

Geodynamics Annual Report

4th February 2013

The Geodynamics team's Annual Report for 2012 is now available for download from the Annual Reports page. Check out what we did last year!

NGF Vinterkonferansen 2013

16th January 2013

The Geodynamics team were represented at last week's NGF Vinterkonferans in Oslo. Team members gave four presentations including a keynote by Per Terje. GPlates was also demonstrated at the NGU exhibition stand.