The Geodynamics team at NGU has now been merged with the Bedrock Geology team to form Solid Earth Geology.

Our new team examines the geological processes that have shaped onshore and offshore Norway. We are responsible for the bedrock mapping of Norway and the quality control of the national bedrock database. We combine mapping activities with structural geology, geochronology, geochemistry, petrology and numerical techniques to provide a thorough characterisation of Norway's bedrock and contribute to an improved understanding of tectonic processes and their effects on Earth's surface.

We are investigating several options for a web-presence for the new team; until a new solution is in place, this site will remain live so that publications and other resources are still available. The rest of this site reflects the state of the Geodymamics team prior to the merge.

the teamAn example of spectacular, tectonically controlled topography in Norway. Looking across the sound of Sortland with a Jurassic basin remnant (below sea level), onto the upthrown footwall with high and alpinized topography. The hanging wall (foreground) is characterized by less high, less alpine topography with relict surfaces that dip towards the sound.

Annual Reports

A summary of the team's activities can be found in our Annual Reports.

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